April 17-18, 2023
Atlanta, GA
part of A&D Manufacturing in 2023

Raw Materials is part of the A&D Manufacturing event in 2023.
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Aviation Week Network’s A&D Manufacturing featuring Raw Materials is where YOU want to be this April!

  • We bring YOU together with leading OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace industry
  • Provide that vital link between raw materials manufacturers and the end-user community
  • Hear stakeholders as they share best practices, lessons learned and their outlook for the future of the industry.

This two day forum is designed to serve a full range of materials and parts manufacturers in the global commercial and defense markets. Industry experts will address a range of important topics including supply chain strategies, demand outlook for aerospace part manufacturers, market and supplier trends, innovation and technology and the impact of new materials challenging traditional material manufacturing.

Expect to hear discussions on:

  • Aerospace Raw Materials Forecast
  • Navigating the Business Environment and Supply Chain
  • Materials for Emerging Markets
  • Industry 4.0 and the Supply Chain of the Future
  • Transitioning digital models into procurement processes
  • New Opportunities: digital capabilities and the new usefulness for data

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